Matelogic: Interactive mathematical learning based on challenges

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Campos D.
Chirinos R.
Larondelle Y.
Pedreschi R.
Rees J.-F.
Warnier M.
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Association for Computing Machinery
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The use of the Unity3D video game engine was chosen for the development of the prototype, focusing on the subject of tangible programming, In order to improve the traditional methods of teaching mathematics. The tests were made to 8-year-old students who were in the third grade of elementary school. The focus of the design was given according to trial and error sessions, which helped to improve the understanding of the movement based on mathematical challenges. To develop the video game "MATELOGIC" the pattern Pipes and Filters combined with the ACOT model were chosen. In the present investigation it was possible to verify that the combination of algorithmic thinking concepts and the interaction of video games provide favorable results in learning, surpassing traditional methods.
Thanks to CIENCIACTIVA, CONCYTEC, UNSA and the pilot educational institutions San Antonio María Claret and Republica Federal Alemania, for the financing and support in the project called “Plataforma interactiva de programación visual con interfaces tangibles, con aplicación en la enseñanza de matemática en educación básica regular No. 18367-2016”, allowing the improvement of scientific research for the development of the country
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Trial and error