Observer studies of turbocharger system

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Tejada Zuñiga, María Cristina
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Technische Universitat ILMENAU
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The use of diesel engine turbochargers is increasing today, as it represents an option that o ers high e ciency and low fuel consumption. To design the control system in order to reduce the level of exhaust emissions there is a need for information about all states that are not measurable. To this end, observers or virtual sensors are more frequently applied, achieving estimates of the system states from inputs and measured output. To propose an observer, the precise mathematical model of the air path diesel engine system is used. This is a nonlinear model of a third order which is analyzed in terms of observability. From the point of view of systems theory, certain conditions and the existence of a transformation of the system state, called di eomorphism, need to be evaluated. Observers have been designed based on di erent approaches: Extended Luenberger Observers, High Gain Observers, Sliding Modes Observers and Extended Kalman-Bucy Filters. They have been validated by simulation for the system under consideration in this work.
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Vehículo automotor, Industria