Measuring dynamics of emotions evoked by the packaging colour of hamburgers(1) using Temporal Dominance of Emotions (TDE)

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Merlo, Thais Cardoso
Soletti, Izabella
Saldana, Erick
Menegali, Beatriz Schmidt
Martins, Mariana Marinho
Bortoluzzi Teixeira, Ana Clara
Harada-Padermo, Samara dos Santos
Dargelio, Mariana D. B.
Contreras-Castillo, Carmen J.
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The packaging colour is one of the main extrinsic factors related to sensory perception as it can alter the emotions evoked by the product and, therefore, influence the moment of purchasing a product. There are several methods used to analyse emotions, but the Temporal Dominance of Emotions (TDE) approach stands out. This method allows the study of the temporality of dominant emotions until eating a portion of the hamburger. The aim of this work was to use TDE and overall acceptance to study the dynamic of the emotions evoked by the packaging colour of hamburgers, from first sight of the packaging until eating of a portion of hamburger. The twelve attributes of emotion, determined previously via a focus group, were presented to the consumers to evaluate three different stimuli formed by three different coloured packaging (green, white and red) and the same hamburger. The results showed that acceptance alone is not sufficient to understand the choice of a product, most likely because it does not capture the emotions involved in the consumption of a hamburger. Significant differences were found in the dynamic perception of emotions influenced by the packaging colour along time, mainly during the first “packaging – consumer” contact. Finally, the study of the dynamics of emotions provided valuable and complementary information to overall acceptance.
We would like to thank Jorge Cabrera for his help with designing the packaging. E. Saldaña received the support of the “Consejo Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Tecnológica – CONCYTEC” from Peru (CIENCIACTIVA programme, PhD scholarship contract agreement No. 104-2016-FONDECYT). Thais C. Merlo thanks “Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior” (CAPES) for the scholarship. We would like to thank the valuable contributions of the two anonymous reviewers as they significantly improved the preliminary version of the present study.
Palabras clave
Temporal Dominance of Emotions, Meat products, Consumer science