Non-rigid 3D Shape Classification based on Convolutional Neural Networks

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Quenaya, JFL
Del Alamo, CJL
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Over the years, the scientific interest towards 3D models analysis has become more popular. Problems such as classification, retrieval and matching are studied with the idea to offer robust solutions. This paper introduces a 3D object classification method for non-rigid shapes, based on the detection of key points, the use of spectral descriptors and deep learning techniques. We adopt an approach of converting the models into a “spectral image”. By extracting interest points and calculating three types of spectral descriptors (HKS, WKS and GISIF), we generate a three-channel input to a convolutional neural network. This CNN is trained to automatically learn features such as topology of 3D models. The results are evaluated and analyzed using the Non-Rigid Classification Benchmark SHREC 2011. Our proposal shows promising results in classification tasks compared to other methods, and also it is robust under several types of transformations.
We thank CIENCIACTIVA and their Undergraduate Thesis Program since this research has been funded by them. They have encouraged us to continue this journey and provided us with the required material to pursue our goal.
Palabras clave
solid modelling, convolution, feature extraction, feedforward neural nets, image classification, learning (artificial intelligence), shape recognition