Shadowable Points for Flows

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Aponte, J.
Villavicencio, H.
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A shadowable point for a flow is a point where the shadowing lemma holds for pseudo-orbits passing through it. We prove that this concept satisfies the following properties: the set of shadowable points is invariant and a Gδ set. A flow has the pseudo-orbit tracing property if and only if every point is shadowable. The chain recurrent and nonwandering sets coincide when every chain recurrent point is shadowable. The chain recurrent points which are shadowable are exactly those that can be are approximated by periodic points when the flow is expansive. These results extends those presented in Morales (Dyn Syst. 2016;31(3):347–356). We study the relations between shadowable points of a homeomorphism and the shadowable points of its suspension flow. We characterize the set of forward shadowable points for transitive flows and chain transitive flows. We prove that the geometric Lorenz attractor does not have shadowable points. We show that in the presence of shadowable points chain transitive flows are transitive and that transitivity is a necessary condition for chain recurrent flows with shadowable points whenever the phase space is connected. Finally, as an application, these results we give concise proofs of some well known theorems establishing that flows with POTP admitting some kind of recurrence are minimal. © 2017, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.
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Numerical Analysis, Control and Optimization, Algebra and Number Theory, Control and Systems Engineering