Describing the Sigmoidal Behavior of Roasted White Lupin (Lupinus albus) During Hydration

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Augusto, PED
Miano, AC
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The hydration process is an important unit operation, being one of the first steps in dry foods processing. The hydration of grains is a complex phenomenon, whose exactly mechanisms are still unknown. In special, the sigmoidal hydration behavior of grains needs further studies. In fact, the behavior of many food products is inappropriately described in the literature due to an unsuitable evaluation. The present work evaluated the hydration of roasted white lupin (Lupinus albus) by reinterpreting previously published data. The new results shows that the white lupin grains hydration clearly showed a sigmoidal behavior, which was adequately modeled. As the temperature was increased, the model kinetic parameter increased, the lag phase decreased and the equilibrium moisture did not change. The model parameters were then modeled as a function of the temperature. The obtained results highlight the sigmoidal hydration behavior of the grains, as well as the need for further studies regarding the hydration of foods.
The authors are grateful to the S~ao Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP, Brazil) for funding the project No. 2014/16998-3, the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq, Brazil) for funding the project No. 401004/2014-7, and Cienciactiva for the A.C. Miano PhD scholarship, from the “Consejo Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnologıa e Inovacion Tecnol ogica (CONCYTEC, Peru; Contract 272-2015-FONDECYT).
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sigmoidal behavior