Scientific Articles Exploration System Model based in Immersive Virtual Reality and Natural Language Processing Techniques

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Alfaro, L
Linares, R
Herrera, J
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After having carried out a historical review and identifying the state of the art in relation to the interfaces for the exploration of scientific articles, the authors propose a model based in an immersive virtual environment, natural user interfaces and natural language processing, which provides an excellent experience for the user and allows for better use of some of its capabilities, for example, intuition and cognition in 3-dimensional environments. In this work, the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion Hardware devices are used. This work aims to contribute to the proposal of a tool which would facilitate and optimize the arduous task of reviewing literature in scientific databases. The case study is the exploration and information retrieval of scientific articles using ALICIA (Scientific database of Peru). Finally, conclusions and recommendations for future work are laid out and discussed.
The authors would like to thank the UNSA and the
Palabras clave
Oculus Rift, Immersive virtual environment, human computer interaction, natural user interfaces, natural language processing