Impact of pre-drying and frying time on physical properties and sensorial acceptability of fried potato chips

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Castro F.
Cruz-Tirado J.P.
Cruz G.
Delgado K.
Guzman Y.
Linares G.
Rojas M.L.
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Springer India
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In this work the effects of pre-drying and frying time on colour, oil, texture and sensorial acceptability (overall liking) of potato chips were evaluated. Potato chips were pre-dried for 0, 10, 20 and 30 min at 60 °C and fried in soybean oil at 190 °C for 60, 70 and 80 s. The colour parameters (L*, a* and b*) increased or decreased depending on the pre-drying and frying time. Hardness increased as the pre-drying and frying time increased. On the other hand, the water initially removed by pre-drying decrease the gradient of mass transfer (water–oil). The oil content reduced to (about 21%) in pre-dried samples when compared to control sample. Finally, sensorial evaluation showed that samples without pre-drying and/or fried for very short or very long times had low acceptance levels. The pre-drying and frying times influenced the colour, texture, water and oil content, and resulted into fried potato chips with better acceptance scores.
The authors are grateful to Cienciactiva for the M.L. Rojas Ph.D. (CONCYTEC, Peru; Contract 087-2016-FONDECYT) scholarship, from the ‘‘Consejo Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Inovación Tecnológica”.
Palabras clave
Soybean oil, Color, Mass transfer, Physical properties, Colour parameters, Control samples, Fried potato, Frying, Oil contents, Potato chip, Pre-drying, Sensorial acceptability, Drying