Synthesis and characterization of pure, two-qubit states encoded in path and polarization

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De Zela, Francisco
Marrou, Jean Paul
Massoni, Eduardo
Montenegro, Carlos
Uria, Mariano
Yugra, Yonny
Ruelas Paredes, David R. A.
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IOP Publishing Ltd
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We have designed and experimentally put to test a protocol to synthesize and characterize pure, two-qubit states encoded in polarization and momentum (path) of light beams. Because these degrees of freedom are common to both classical and quantum light, it was possible to implement our protocol with classical light, thereby offering an advantageous and versatile testing ground. The experimental setup is robust and does not require state-dependent scheme modifications. We exhibited the capabilities of our protocol by generating three types of two-qubit states: Bell states, states with variable phases, and states with variable amplitudes.
Some of the authors (D R A R P and J P M) acknowledge funding by FONDECYT through Grant 236-2015. This work was partially supported by the US Office of Naval Research Global (ONR, Award No. N62909-19-1-2148, Grant No. GRANT12853637).
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two-qubit states