Application of the KDD process for the visualization of integrated geo-referenced textual data from the pre-processing phase

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Areche C.
Fernandez-Burgos R.
Guerrero-Castillo P.
Reyes S.
Robles J.
Sepulveda B.
Simirgiotis M.J.
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Geo-referenced textual data has been the subject of multiple investigations, by providing opportunities to better understand certain phenomena according to the content that is shared, either on-line such as social networks, blogs, and news; or through repositories such as scientific research articles, geo-referenced virtual books, among others. However, the characteristics of this information are studied, analyzed and processed separately, either through its textual components or its geo-spatial components, which offers a separate understanding of the results. In this paper, we propose an integration of textual and geo-spatial components from the pre-processing phase to the visualization stage, As a part of the Document Mapping process based on the phases of the Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD). Achieving two main results (1) minimize the problems that arise in the visual phase, such as data occlusion and (2) provide a more detailed understanding between the textual relationships of the data when plotted in a geo-spatial map.
The present work was achieved thanks to the joint work with my advisor, for her persistence and tenacity at the moment of sharing her teachings with me, to my distinguished teachers who have forged knowledge from the first day of classes, whom with nobility and enthusiasm influenced as an example in me and my colleagues in the master’s degree in computer science; also thanks to CONCYTEC, FONDECYT and Cienciactiva for the support and opportunities provided that made this work possible.
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