Cyanobacterial water bloom of Limnoraphis robusta in the Lago Mayor of Lake Titicaca. Can it develop?

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Komarkova, J
Montoya, H
Komarek, J
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Springer Nature
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Cyanobacterial blooms are commonly associated with high concentrations of nutrients in waters. An exception among the species forming heavy water blooms is Limnoraphis robusta Komárek et al. (Fottea 13:39–52, 2013). Until now, heavy water blooms of this species were found only in tropical, rather oligotrophic waters.
This study was realized under the support of the bilateral international collaboration between the Czech Academy of Sciences and CONCYTEC (Peru) 2013-2014. We thank Dr. Gertrud Cronberg, Institute of Limnology, Lund, Sweden, for offering us her unpublished data about the composition of phytoplankton of the Atitlan and Amatitlan lakes from the year 1983. We are indebted to our referees both for comments on the text and helpful cultivation of our English.
Palabras clave
Titicaca Lake, Cyanobacterial water bloom, Limnoraphis robusta