Eco-friendly modification of earthen construction with carrageenan: Water durability and mechanical assessment

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Nakamatsu, J
Kim, S
Ayarza, J
Ramirez, E
Elgegren, M
Aguilar, R
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Carrageenan, a biodegradable natural polymer, was evaluated as a bioadditive to improve the physical and mechanical properties of adobe constructions. The results show that its incorporation in the mixture during blocks fabrication, or as a coating in existent earth constructions, positively modify their behavior providing water impermeability and resistance to erosion by water drops. Results of mechanical tests also show a considerable enhancement in compressive and tensile strength when the bioadditive is incorporated during the blocks fabrication process. The obtained results show the feasibility of using natural and eco-friendly compounds to modify the behavior of traditional construction materials.
This research was carried out by the Research Group of Materials Modification at PUCP. The authors would like to acknowledge the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú PUCP and its funding office DGI-PUCP (project 2013-0061) for providing funds to the project within which this work was developed. The forth author would also like to thank the fellowship funding for postgraduate studies by CONCYTEC, PERU (Contract N° 012-2013-FONDECYT). Finally, the authors thank the Soils Laboratory of the Civil Engineering Department at PUCP for the availability of their installations and equipment, and Manuel Otero, for providing the carrageenan extract for this study.
Palabras clave
Water impermeability, Bioadditive, Carrageenan, Earthen construction, Water erosion, Mechanical resistance