Four New Species of Dragon's Blood Croton (Euphorbiaceae) from South America

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Feio A.C.
Ore-Rengifo M.I.
Berry P.E.
Riina R.
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American Society of Plant Taxonomists Inc.
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We are grateful to the staff of the abovementioned herbaria for allowing us to examine specimens from their collections. Christine Niezgoda (F) and Alfredo F. Fuentes (LPB) kindly sent us specimen images. We are grateful to Otavio M. L. da Silva for assistance with the QGIS software. ACF was supported by a CNPq research grant and the Programa de Capacitaç~ao Institucional (MPEG/ MCTIC). MIOR was supported by a mobilization scholarship from the National Fund for Scientific Development, Technological and Technological Innovation-FONDECYT, CONCYTEC (Lima, Peru), for a two-month internship at the RJB-CSIC in 2017. RR received support from the Synthesys Programme (GBTAF-2834). Three reviewers and the editors provided valuable comments and suggestions to improve earlier versions of this manuscript.
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