Ethanol and ultrasound pre-treatments to improve infrared drying of potato slices

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Augusto P.E.D.
Rojas M.L.
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Ethanol and ultrasound (US) were applied as pre-treatments to improve the infrared (IR) drying of potato slices. Pre-treatments included Control samples (Without any pre-treatment), samples immersed in ethanol (Ethanol treated) and treated with US using ethanol (Ethanol + US) and water medium (Water + US). Effects on microstructure, drying, rehydration, and viscoelasticity were studied. Microstructure analyses suggested that ethanol affected the potato cell wall. The Water + US pre-treatment impacted the starch granules dispersion inside cells. However, higher modifications were observed when Ethanol + US was applied. Compared to the Control, all pre-treatments decreased the drying time, while Ethanol + US provided the highest reduction. In contrast, a slight decrease in rehydration properties was observed. The dried and rehydrated samples presented similar viscoelasticity among them but differed significantly with the in-natura (fresh potato) samples. Possible mechanisms were discussed. The results open new perspectives about an innovative method to improve drying.
The authors are grateful to the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP, Brazil) for funding the project n° 2016/18052-5; to the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq, Brazil) for funding the project n° 401004/2014-7 and the productivity grant of P.E.D. Augusto (306557/2017-7); and to Cienciactiva for the M.L. Rojas Ph.D. scholarship (CONCYTEC, Peru; Contract 087-2016-FONDECYT), from the “Consejo Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Tecnológica”.
Palabras clave
Water treatment, Drying, Ethanol, Microstructure, Textures, Ultrasonics, Viscoelasticity, Control samples, Innovative method, Microstructure analysis, Possible mechanisms, Rehydration, Starch granules, Ultrasound pre treatments, Viscoelastic properties, Infrared drying