Single crystal growth of Ga3Ni2 by the Czochralski method

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Wencka, M
Pillaca, M
Gille, P
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Elsevier B.V.
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Intermetallic compounds have proved to be interesting alternatives to heterogeneous catalysts prepared from pure noble metals or their alloys. As to study their intrinsic properties, to determine the crystalline structures of specific surfaces and finally to understand elementary processes of heterogeneous catalysis, single crystals of these intermetallics are needed. Inspired by the recent discovery of Ga–Ni catalysts for carbon dioxide reduction to methanol, we have grown for the first time cm3-size single crystals of trigonal Ga3Ni2. We report in detail on the synthesis and Czochralski growth from high-temperature solution using Ga as native solvent. Inclusion formation of Ga-rich fluid proved to be the most severe problem that was minimized by using an extremely low pulling rate down to 25µm/h.
The authors are grateful to Stefanie Hoser for surface polishing of the samples. This work has been partly conducted within the European integrated Center for the development of new Metallic Alloys and Compounds (European C-MAC). M.W. and M.P. are grateful for funding by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Grant no. A/14/02942, and by Peruvian Council of Science and Technology (CONCYTEC), Grant no. 221-2014-FONDECYT, respectively.
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Intermetallic compoundsB2, A1. Phase diagramsA2, Czochralski methodA2, Growth from high temperature solutionsB1, Cataly