Hierarchy-based salient regions: A region detector based on hierarchies of partitions

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Otiniano-Rodríguez K.
de A. Araújo A.
Cámara-Chávez G.
Cousty J.
Guimarães S.J.F.
Perret B.
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This article introduces a novel region detector based on hierarchies of partitions, so-called Hierarchy-Based Salient Regions (HBSR). This approach enables to combine the clues given by a high quality contour detector with a custom salient region detection procedure. The evaluation of the proposed method HBSR with a standard feature detection assessment framework shows that HBSR outperforms the state-of-the-art methods, in average. These promising results may lead to improvements in many computer vision tasks.
This work received funding from FONDECYT-CONCYTEC (contract number 004-2016-FONDECYT), CAPES (PVE 125000/2014-00), FAPEMIG (PPM 00006-16), and CNPq (Universal 421521/2016-3 and PQ 307062/2016-3).
Palabras clave
State-of-the-art methods, Mathematical morphology, Feature detection, High quality, Salient region detections, Salient regions, Computer vision