Successive pretreatment and enzymatic saccharification of sugarcane bagasse in a packed bed flow-through column reactor aiming to support biorefineries

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Terán-Hilares R.
Reséndiz A.L.
Martínez R.T.
Silva S.S.
Santos J.C.
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Elsevier Ltd
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A packed bed flow-through column reactor (PBFTCR) was used for pretreatment and subsequent enzymatic hydrolysis of sugarcane bagasse (SCB). Alkaline pretreatment was performed at 70 °C for 4 h with fresh 0.3 M NaOH solution or with liquor recycled from a previous pretreatment batch. Scheffersomyces stipitis NRRL-Y7124 was used for fermentation of sugars released after enzymatic hydrolysis (20 FPU g−1 of dry SCB). The highest results for lignin removal were 61% and 52%, respectively, observed when using fresh NaOH or the first reuse of the liquor. About 50% of cellulosic and 57% of hemicellulosic fractions of pretreated SCBs were enzymatically hydrolyzed and the maximum ethanol production was 23.4 g L−1 (ethanol yield of 0.4 gp gs−1), with near complete consumption of both pentoses and hexoses present in the hydrolysate during the fermentation. PBFTCR as a new alternative for SCB-biorefineries is presented, mainly considering its simple configuration and efficiency for operating with a high solid:liquid ratio.
The authors gratefully acknowledge the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Tecnológica (CONCyTEC-Perú, process number 219-2014) and Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (CNPq-Brazil, process number 449609/2014-6) for financial support.
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