Study of solid-liquid extractions in a batch equipment

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Escobedo F.A.
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A batch pilot-scale apparatus is described for the study of processes for obtaining phyto-extracts using solvents. The distinctive feature of the equipment is that it provides the efficiency of a multi-stage counter-current extraction, yet uses only a single batch extractor (as opposed to a battery of extractors). This is achieved by using an auxiliary tank in which intermediate extracts are saved and recirculated in a pre-established order. Careful design of the mechanisms for the circulation of liquid from such tanks has resulted in an apparatus that is compact and has simple, flexible operation. A prototype of this apparatus was constructed for the study of the direct extraction of oil from sunflower seeds using hexane A simple model that describes the operation of the equipment is presented and applied to our experimental work with oilseeds.
The author is grateful to Prof. F. Miranda (UNSA) and Prof. R. Gilbert (UNL) for helpful discussions, and to the reviewers of this manuscript for valuable comments. Partial financial support of CONCYTEC is gratefully acknowledged. Preliminary experimental work was performed in the laboratories of the Chemical Engineering Department of the Universidad Nacional de San Agustin (Peru).
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sunflower oilseed, Counter-current, pilot-scale, phyto-extracts