Ultrasound processing of guava juice: Effect on structure, physical properties and lycopene in vitro accessibility

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Campoli S.S.
Rojas M.L.
do Amaral J.E.P.G.
Canniatti-Brazaca S.G.
Augusto P.E.D.
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The present work evaluated the effect of high-power ultrasonication on the structure and properties of guava juice. The microstructure, concentration of lycopene, in vitro accessibility of lycopene and physical properties (pulp sedimentation, turbidity and colour) were evaluated. The results of this study demonstrate that the ultrasonication disrupts the guava cells, releasing their content and altering the juice properties. Although this processing decreases the total amount of lycopene in guava juice, the release of lycopene from the cells increased its in vitro accessibility. Furthermore, the size reduction of the dispersed pulp particles improved the physical stability of the juice, avoiding pulp sedimentation without significant colour changes during storage. In conclusion, it is suggested that ultrasonication is an interesting alternative to improve the physical and nutritional properties of fruit juices.
The authors are grateful to the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP, Brazil) for funding the projects n° 2016/18052-5, 2015/15507-9, and 2014/16998-3; to the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq, Brazil) for funding the project n° 401004/2014-7, the productivity grant of P.E.D. Augusto (306557/2017-7) and the M.Sc. scholarship of SS Campoli; and to Cienciactiva for the M.L. Rojas Ph.D. scholarship (CONCYTEC, Peru; Contract 087-2016-FONDECYT), from the ‘‘Consejo Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Tecnológica“.
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ultrasound assisted extraction, Fruit juices, Ultrasonics, Guava juice, In-vitro, Lycopenes, Nutritional properties, Physical proprieties, Physical stability, Structure and properties, Ultra-sonication, Physical properties, lycopene, carotenoid, lycopene, Article, cell disruption, chemical structure, degradation, food color, food storage, fruit juice, guava, high performance liquid chromatography, in vitro study, kinetic parameters, limit of quantitation, nonhuman, nutritional parameters, pulping, sedimentation, analysis, chemistry, fruit and vegetable juice, procedures, Psidium, ultrasound, Carotenoids, Fruit and Vegetable Juices, Lycopene, Psidium, Ultrasonics