Agaricus bisporus mushroom as partial fat replacer improves the sensory quality maintaining the instrumental characteristics of beef burger

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Patinho, Iliani
Selani, Miriam Mabel
Saldaña, Erick
Bortoluzzi Teixeira, Ana Clara
Rios-Mera, Juan Dario
da Silva, Claudia Maria
Kushida, Marta
Contreras-Castillo, Carmen J.
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The effect of Agaricus bisporus (AB) mushroom as a fat replacer in beef burgers was evaluated. Four treatments were compared: control (0% AB, 20% fat) and 3 treatments with partial fat replacement: AB 5% (5% AB, 15% fat); AB 10% (10% AB, 10% fat); AB 15% (AB 15%, 5% fat). Mushroom addition increased moisture content and yield and decreased cooking loss and diameter reduction of the burgers. Formulations with the highest AB concentrations were lighter and redder than the control. AB incorporation affected texture, resulting in less hard and less chewy products. In general, lipid oxidation increased during the storage time, however the lowest values were observed in AB 15%, i.e. the lowest fat content and the presence of AB increased the oxidative stability. AB 10% and AB 15% had good overall liking and were sensorially characterized as juicy, tender and flavorsome burgers. The partial replacement of animal fat by AB is a promising strategy for developing a low-fat burger. © 2020 Elsevier Ltd
Iliani Patinho is grateful to CAPES (Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior, Brazil, for the master scholarship (process n° 1766129). Juan D. Rios-Mera received the support of the CIENCIACTIVA programme, PhD scholarship contract n° 238-2018-FONDECYT. The authors would also like to thank Zucca mushrooms Company, VPJ Foods, Ibrac Additives and Condiments and Sealed Air Brazil, for donating ingredients, raw materials and packaging.
Palabras clave
Texture profile analysis, Agaricus bisporus, Beef burger, Fat reduction, Lipid oxidation, Sensory profile