Simulation of direct current microgrid and study of power and battery charge/discharge management [Simulación de microred en corriente continua y estudio de gestión de potencia y de carga/descarga de baterías]

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Mírez J.
Hernández-Callejo L.
Horn M.
Bonilla L.-M.
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This work presents a mathematical model of a DC microgrid supplied with photovoltaic and wind power generation, storage (battery bank) and a conventional power grid. The microgrid has electrical loads domestic and commercial profiles. This model is utilized to propose, implement and analyze a new voltage management in this theorical microgrid; for this, microgrid is simulated and some of its elements have no limits on some variables of work, which is used to determine the maximum values during simulations; therefore, it serves to assessments of the behavior of the system parameters: voltage, current, power and energy according to the values of temperature, solar radiation, wind speed, altitude and information on the behavior of the electric loads on the place where DC microgrid will be installed. Too, power management has been implemented. Three scenarios that represent the reality of this microgrid in normal operation are presented with all possible operating conditions and has been simulated and discussed with the purpose of defining working sub-voltages in DC microgrid nominal voltage. The importance of the present research is the possibility to evaluate the implementation of microgrids using the behavior of environmental variables, in order to determine the size the necessary equipment and to determine the management of power and voltage of the proposed microgrid. Too, is the possibility of evaluating the implementation of microgrids in places already existing or to be constructed, using patterns of consumption and behavior of environmental variables with the purpose of dimensioning the equipment and to evaluate the technique of power and voltage management proposal.
J. L. Mírez thanks to the National Council of Science and Technology of Peru (CONCYTEC) for funding his doctoral research at National University of Engineering and partially supported by MIGEDIR project: Microgrids with Renewable Distributed Generation (code 713RT046) from the Science and Technology for Development Iberoamerican Program (CYTED), also at Development of Renewable Energy Sources (CEDER) of CIEMAT in Soria, Spain; Electric Power System Research Group of Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA; and, Center for Information and Communication Technologies (CTIC) of the National University of Engineering, Lima, Peru.
Palabras clave
wind energy, Battery, energy management, photovoltaic energy, microgrid, Batería, gestión de energía, energía fotovoltaica, energía eólica, microred