Respuesta dinámica de un edificio instrumentado de concreto armado

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Machuca Samaniego, Leonid Ronal
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Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería
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The overall objective of this study is the analysis of the feasibility of using the ambient noise in determining the dynamic characteristics of existing structures, particularly in urban areas of low or moderate seismic activity but which nevertheless are not exempt from risk because of seismic activity. Therefore, it is also an objective of this work to analyze the variation between a mathematical model and the structure once built, evaluating the data to design specific procedures to determine the variation in results of densely populated urban areas. This objective is accomplished through the following tasks: Knowledge and choice of instrumentation. Establishment of specific procedures tailored to the peculiarities of the buildings to be studied. Calibration of the estimation procedures of actual periods in real buildings their field measurement and numerical modeling. Proposal for a specific procedure for urban areas. Evaluation of the reliability and applicability of the empirical formulas in seismic standards and establishment of specific formulas for the cities of San Isidro and Miraflores. The necessary data for the study were obtained with field work, obtaining the records of environmental noise and measuring the height and number of levels of the buildings. Fundamental periods were identified from the Fourier spectra of accelerations at the roof levels of buildings. Uniformity was sought in the type and variability in the parameter to be adjusted. In this way it has been possible to find the fundamental parameters of the period in terms of the number of floors and height. It has been found that the formulas that best fit reinforced concrete buildings are those which relate the fundamental period with the number of floors.
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