Theoretical and experimental study of solar cells based on nanostructured films of TiO2 sensitized with natural dyes extracted from Zea mays and Bixa orellana

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Sacasqui M.
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Royal Society of Chemistry
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Natural dyes were extracted from Zea mays and Bixa orellana, products from Peru, for the sensitization of nanoporous titanium dioxide (TiO2) films. The manufactured DSSCs were studied from the theoretical and experimental point of view in two main stages. In the first, the computational simulation of the dye molecules was carried out using the DFT and TD-DFT method. The analysis was complemented with UV-visible characterization. In the second stage, the transport and recombination processes that occur in the solar cell were studied.
The authors gratefully acknowledge support from the PhD program in Physics of the National University of Engineering financed by CONCYTEC through Resolution No. 197-2015.
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natural colorants