Methods of Extracting the Point of Maximum Power (MPPT) in Photovoltaic Systems, an Evaluation with the Entropy of Shannon

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Arredondo J.
Luyo J.E.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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In this article is evaluates the different tracking and search methods of the maximum power point (MPPT) in photovoltaic solar systems (PV), these methods are very extensive and use different algorithms, some of them based on artificial intelligence between others with the objective of finding the MPPT in a PV system consisting of a solar panel accompanied by a direct current to direct current (DC-DC) converter. There are five wellknown algorithms that find the MPPT with their respective characteristics, and are assigned rating values using the Entropy method by weight (EW) based on the Shannon Entropy; in the end of this work, is it gets a table of scores of these methods.
Este trabajo reconoce el apoyo del Consejo Nacional de Ciencia Tecnología e Innovación Tecnológica (CONCYTEC) y del Fondo Nacional de Desarrollo Científico, Tecnológico y de Innovación Tecnológica (FONDECYT) por su apoyo a las actividades de investigación en el campo de la energía en la Escuela de Ingeniería Mecánica de la UNI.
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Solar power generation, DC-DC converters, Maximum power point trackers, Photovoltaic cells, Direct current, Entropy methods, Maximum power, Maximum power point, Photovoltaic solar systems, Photovoltaic systems, Search method, Shannon entropy