A parametric 3D-printed body-powered hand prosthesis based on the four-bar linkage mechanism

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Rfos Julcapoma, Miltón
Yauri Rodríguez, Ricardo
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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The widespread of 3D-printing technology has resulted in the appearance of many open-source prosthetic hand models, especially for partial hand amputations. However, most of these designs are not editable and while some are parametric to some degree, customization for every user is limited to scaling the size of a base design. As consequence, most prostheses fail to closely match the user specific anthropometry and have poor aesthetics, which could result in abandonment of the device. Furthermore, achieving a high degree of customization could be a time-consuming task and requires previous knowledge of CAD design. This work presents a prosthetic hand easy to customize by changing parametric dimensions of the finger phalanges and palm on an Excel sheet. Additionally, the design tackles common issues from previous 3D-printed body-powered prosthetic hands by incorporating new features such as the use of linkages instead of cables as finger flexors and a new cable-adjusting system which requires no additional tools and makes the tensioning of finger tendons easier and quicker.
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Patient rehabilitation