Design of a "test Cell" to be located at 4500 masl in a high Andean region of Peru and dynamic simulation of the thermal performance of housing wall materials

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Molina J.O.
Horn M.J.
Gómez M.M.
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Institute of Physics Publishing
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The objective of the present study is to select appropriate wall materials for houses in high Andean regions based on the measurements of the thermal behavior of construction materials using a "Test Cell" under real environmental conditions. It will be the first "Test Cell" to be installed in Peru, in Imata-Arequipa, at 4500 masl. The design and thermal analysis of the "Test Cell" are presented using dynamic simulations with the EnergyPlus program. Initially, the thermal performance of adobe, a traditional construction material in rural regions of Peru, is simulated using real meteorological data recorded in Imata between August 18 and 24, 2018, a period with low temperatures (-12.6 °C). © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.
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Natural Ventilation, Hot Temperature