Bacterial Spore Load Profile along Production Chain of Canned White Asparagus (Asparagus officinalis)

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Velezmoro Sánchez, Carmen Eloisa
Pahuara, D
Ramos, E
Benites, E
Teixeira, A
Gomero, A
Zuniga, D
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International Society for Horticultural Science
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Increasing European and American market demand for high quality canned asparagus from Peru has prompted the need to identify and quantify the microbial spore load on fresh asparagus important in the establishment of safe thermal processes. This 2-phase study was made in an asparagus packing and processing company in Peru. In Phase I of the study, soil samples were taken from different field locations throughout the asparagus cultivars during the growing season. In Phase II, asparagus were taken as they moved through the entire production chain from field harvest during the cannery processing line to the retort.
Palabras clave
spore-forming bacteria, canned vegetable, production chain