Technology development for strong reduction of energy consumption and co2 emission in lime and cement manufacture

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Villachica, Carlos A.
Villachica, Joyce G.
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VSB - Technical University of Ostrava
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The cement and lime industries are responsible for 8% of global CO2 emissions [1]. 35% of this CO2 share comes from fuel combustion to heat and decompose limestone to produce lime or “clinker” in an open atmosphere while the remaining 65% comes from limestone rock itself. Due to the new technology, high grades of both lime and CO2 were obtained faster and at much lower than conventional temperatures and CO2 was fully captured and utilized when using an HEVA reactor for limestone calcination. Clinker, a precursor of cement, was partly obtained at lower temperature when starting from HEVA lime and fine quartz after mechanochemical pretreatment.
Palabras clave
Mechanochemical processing, CO2 emission control, CO2 utilization, Lime and cement manufacturing, Carbonic fertilization, CO2 and microalgae growing