Massive open online courses on biomedical informatics [version 1; peer review: 2 not approved]

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Castillo-Herrera, W
Fernandez, S
Fujita, R
Guevara-Fujita, ML
Lizaraso-Caparo, F
Mendoza-Reinoso, V
Patil, TS
Perez-Grossmann, R
Richards, JE
Vargas, E
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F1000 Research Ltd
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This study aimed to identify the characteristics of massive open online courses (MOOCs) related to biomedical informatics offered in several plataforms. We conducted an observational study on specialized MOOCs platforms to find courses related to biomedical informatics, in 2018. Our search identified 67 MOOCs on biomedical informatics. The majority of MOOCs were offered by Coursera (71.6%, 48/67), English was the most common language (95.5%, 64/67). The United States developed the majority of courses (73.1%, 49/67), with the vast majority of MOOCs being offered by universities (94%, 63/67). The majority of MOOCs were in bioinformatics (56.7%, 38/67) and data science (47.7%, 32/67). In conclusion, the MOOCs on biomedical informatics were focused in bioinformatics and data science, and were offered in English by institutions in the developing world. © 2019 Quispe-Juli CU et al.
Grant information: This research was funded with a contribution of Peruvian National Science and Technology Fund (FONDECYT).
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Medical informatics