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dc.description Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture-Technical Secretariat of coordination with the CGIAR, Peruvian National Council of Science and Technology (CONCYTEC), Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (47/PGS/2006/01), Programa Cooperativo para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Agroalimentario y Agroindustrial del Cono Sur (PROCISUR), Project Programa Bicentenario de Ciencia y Tecnologı´a - Conicyt, PBCT - Conicyt PSD-03, Russian Foundation for Basic Research (09-04-12275)
dc.description.abstract Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) is the world’s most important non-grain food crop and is central to global food security. It is clonally propagated, highly heterozygous, autotetraploid, and suffers acute inbreeding depression. Here we use a homozygous doubled-monoploid potato clone to sequence and assemble 86% of the 844-megabase genome. We predict 39,031 protein-coding genes and present evidence for at least two genome duplication events indicative of a palaeopolyploid origin.
dc.description.sponsorship Consejo Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Tecnológica - Concytec
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dc.title Genome sequence and analysis of the tuber crop potato
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