V band photometry of the SN 2003GF supernova utilizing the 2mass catalog

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Ramos-Diaz, J
Ramos-Sandoval, R
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Revista Mexicana de Astronomıa y Astrofisica
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We obtained several images of SN 2003gf at the Marangani Observatory (Peru) on the night 3–4 July 2003 from which we have estimated its brightnessin the V band, as 15.10 ± 0.09 mag. This was obtained after a proper calibration of the starfield, considering the photometric data of the infrared bands of the 2MASScatalog. The precision achieved shows a reasonable agreement with measurements by other observers
This research was carried out as part of the project titled "Variabilidad Estelar en la Galaxia" (Stellar Variability in the Galaxy) supported by CONCYTEC (Consejo Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnologia e Innovacion Tecnologica, Peru). We also thank the 2MASS, SIMBAD, ALADIN, and VSNET online databases which allowed us access to valuable data from other observers.
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Telescopios, Supernovas, Fotométricas