An axiomatic/asymptotic evaluation of the best theories for free vibration of laminated and sandwich shells using non-polynomial functions

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Alarcon-Yaquetto, DE
Caballero, L
Gonzales, GF
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This paper presents Best Theory Diagrams (BTDs) constructed from non-polynomial terms to identify best shell theories for the free vibration analysis of laminated and sandwich shell. The shell theories have been constructed using Axiomatic/Asymptotic Method (AAM). The refined models are implemented following the compactness of a unified formulation developed. The governing equations are derived from the Hamilton’s Principle. NavierType solution technique is used for solving the eigenvalue problem of simply supported shell. The BTDs use 3D equilibrium solutions as a reference. The BTDs built from non-polynomial functions are compared with Maclaurin expansions. The results are compared with Layerwise solutions. Cylindrical and spherical shells with different layer-configurations are investigated. The results demonstrate that the shell models obtained from the BTD using non-polynomial terms can improve the accuracy obtained from Maclaurin expansion for a given order of expansion of a displacement field.
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