Environmental impacts of a highly congested section of the Pan-American highway in Peru using life cycle assessment

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Veran-Leigh, D
Larrea-Gallegos, G
Vazquez-Rowe, I
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Life cycle assessment (LCA) was used as an environmental management methodology to determine the impacts associated with a 22.4 km stretch of the South Pan-American (PS) highway in the province of Lima, Peru, one of the main access routes for traffic and goods entering Lima, located in a hyper-arid area parallel to the Pacific Ocean. Results demonstrate that environmental impacts are mainly attributable to traffic. The sensitivity analysis suggests that the use of secondary data from commonly used life cycle databases is a good proxy for the estimation of global warming potential impacts in the transport sector. However, for air quality categories, important variability was detected based on modeling assumptions.
Financial support was given by the Peruvian Consejo Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnologia e Innovacion Tecnologica (CONCYTEC).
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