Design and Implementation of a Robotic System for Effective Transplantation of Seedlings Contained in Multicell Trays

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Herrera German, Julio C.
Peralta Alemán, Mark A. J.
Vera Reyes, Smith
Prado Gardini, Sixto R.
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IEEE Xplore
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In this work, a robotic system with industrial technology is developed, which classifies the seedlings according to their growth. First, given the technical and production requirements, the robotic system’s mechanical structure is designed, simulated, and optimized. Second, the mechanical-electrical-electronic structure and the robotic system’s industrial communication are implemented, calibrated and configured to obtain a smooth, continuous, and stable movement between its different parts. Third, algorithms are developed to generate trajectories and meet user requirements. Finally, the robotic system is validated (accuracy, resolution, repeatability) in long test periods by continuously feeding multicell trays with unclassified seedlings and analyzing the multicell trays with classified seedlings delivered by the robotic system.
This work was supported by the project N° 074-2018FONDECYT-BM-IADT-AV.
Palabras clave
system robotic, multicell trays, industrial robot