A preliminary note on core reduction methods at the open-air site of vadopampa, ayacucho, Peru

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Benndorf C.
He C.
Jacome-Collazos M.
Rodriguez-Reyes J.C.F.
Silva-Quiñones D.
Teplyakov A.V.
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Lithic Studies Society
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Following a systematic survey of the site at Vadopampa, in the south-central highlands of the central Andes,several concentrations of debitage were identified. Lithics collected from one such concentration were subjectedto technological analyses aimed at identifying the core reduction methods. The results reveal aspects of humanactivity and the manipulation of the available raw material. The chaîne opératoire approach permitted adynamic reconstruction of the reduction processes used. The preliminary results allow the first stage of lithicreduction within the assemblage to be identified.
I would like to thank Edwin Silva, teacher and friend, who has always been very generous. Many thanks also to Leslye Valenzuela for her patience and comments. Thanks also go to: Mr. Grobel Irupaiya Canales, Lacayan, who hosted us at Incuyo; Mr. Wilver Benitez Diestro, mayor of the Puyusca district, for his collaboration in transportation and logistics; Carlos Rengifo, for his help in the English version of this manuscript; and Dr. Frederick Foulds, for his patience. This research was funded by the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia,Tecnología e Innovación Tecnológica (CONCYTEC), through Cienciactiva.
Palabras clave
south-central highlands, Central Andes, chaîne opératoire, débitage