Measurement of Muon Antineutrino Quasielastic Scattering on a Hydrocarbon Target at E-v similar to 3.5 GeV

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Aliaga, L
Altinok, O
Baldin, B
Baumbaugh, A
Bodek, A
Boehnlein, D
Boyd, S
Bradford, R
Brooks, WK
Budd, H
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American Physical Society
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We have isolated ν̄μ charged-current quasielastic (QE) interactions occurring in the segmented scintillator tracking region of the MINERvA detector running in the NuMI neutrino beam at Fermilab. We measure the flux-averaged differential cross section, dσ/dQ2, and compare to several theoretical models of QE scattering. Good agreement is obtained with a model where the nucleon axial mass, MA, is set to 0.99 GeV/c2 but the nucleon vector form factors are modified to account for the observed enhancement, relative to the free nucleon case, of the cross section for the exchange of transversely polarized photons in electron-nucleus scattering. Our data at higher Q2 favor this interpretation over an alternative in which the axial mass is increased.
This work was supported by the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory under United States Department of Energy (DOE) Office of High Energy Physics Contract No. DE-AC02-07CH11359 which included the MINERvA construction project. Construction support also was granted by the United States National Science Foundatation (NSF) under Grant No. PHY-0619727 and by the University of Rochester. Support for participating scientists was provided by NSF and DOE (U.S.A.) by CAPES and CNPq (Brazil), by CoNaCyT (Mexico), by CONICYT (Chile), by CONCYTEC, DGI-PUCP, and IDI/IGI-UNI (Peru), by Latin American Center for Physics (CLAF), and by RAS and the Russian Ministry of Education and Science (Russia). We thank the MINOS Collaboration for use of its near detector data. Finally, we thank the staff of Fermilab for support of the beam line and the detector.
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Física Nuclear