Design, Development and Implementation of a Low Cost Weather Station for high mountains

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Leon J.L.
Anacona P.I.
Marcos K.M.
Mendocilla C.V.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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This research is based on the need to have a measurement tool to carry out different studies that require meteorological information in high mountain areas, therefore, a low-cost weather station based on open source is designed and implemented. The design process considered the inclusion of the directives of the World Meteorological Organization and the place of installation. Then we continued with the assembly and installations in conjunction with a Campbell Scientific station (3800 m) and a HOBO station (5000 m), in order to compare their records. The Arduino Mega 2560 controller used as a datalogger responded adequately, the data captured when compared are very similar to those of the stations. The average difference between the low-cost station and the other two is in temperature 0.193 °C, humidity 1.3% RH, atmospheric pressure 0.14 mbar, solar radiation 5.8%, soil temperature 0.127 °C, wind speed 0.485 m/s and wind direction 1.33°. The cost benefit is 4 to 18 times compared to purchasing a commercial station and certified instrumentation. © 2021 IEEE.
ACKNOWLEDGMENT We thank the INAIGEM for accomplish the Project “Evaluación y estimación de la distribución espacio temporal de permafrost a nivel nacional como potencial de reserva hídrica - PERMAFROST” and CONCYTEC-FONDECYT for funding (call number E041-01, contract number N°23-2018-FONDECYT-BM-IADT-MU).
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Weather Station, Arduino, High mountains, Low Cost, Open Source