Comparison of Methodologies: Analytical Hierarchy Process and Grey Clustering with Entropy Weight for the Multicriteria Assessment of the Energy Sources of Perú

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Alonso Rengifo, Javier
Bazo, Jose
Guevara Day, Walter Robert
Loaiza-Tacuri, Veronica
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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This article introduces a comparison among decision making methodologies applied to energetic policies. Every country has a challenge that is choice the most suitable energetic source in order to the common welfare, it is the reason for use decision making supported by structured methods that can be Analytical Hierarchic Process, Grey Clustering with Entropy Weight (both used in this research) or another. The result shows the differences and similarities due each methodology and for the same case analyzed also the Peruvian energetic sources were qualified. According both methodologies, the most important sources are: hydraulic, natural gas and fuel (saving order). The important sources are: or solar, geothermic, biomass, eolic or geothermic, solar, biomass, eolic (respectively for each method). The less important are: or liquid hydrocarbons, carbon, bio-fuels, sea-wave, tidal, uranium or liquid hydrocarbons, carbon, bio-fuels, uranium, tidal, sea-wave (respectively for each method). Finally this research could be used for improve the decision making in energetic policy topics trough the new method Grey Clustering with Entropy Weight.
This work was supported by the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia Tecnología e Innovación Tecnológica (CONCYTEC) y el Fondo Nacional De Desarrollo Científico, Tecnológico Y De Innovación Tecnológica (FONDECYT)
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