Performance tests on the CPU and GPU clusters using N-body simulation [Pruebas de Rendimiento Sobre el Clúster de CPUs y GPUs Empleando Simulación N-body]

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Romero N.M.L.
Iquira J.A.F.
Trigoso A.T.
Medrano Y.N.
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Latin American and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions
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In recent decades, the field of computing has been one of the areas that has developed the most and that allows to obtain other fields in which it is needed, simulate, cure or summarize data in the field of research, business and entertainment With the passage of time, this amount of processing increases more and more, the current needs of users, for example, upload approximately 400 hours of videos, YouTube every minute, 300 million photos on Facebook daily for each event generated in CERN generates 1 Mb of data, approximately 600 million events per second, so it has been necessary to increase the computational power and as it became increasingly difficult to have this computing capacity in a single machine, we started to work implementing computers, computers in Grid, and create technologies such as Big Data for the storage and processing of data. In this paper we present the implementation of a hybrid computer cluster that includes the use of CPUs and GPUs, details the construction and is used for GPUs, as well as an analysis of the results of the performance tests executed on the cluster.
El presente trabajo fue desarrollado gracias a la Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería y a los fondos FONDECYT del programa Ciencia Activa (CONCYTEC).
Palabras clave
Parallel Computing, Cluster, CPU, GPU, n-BODY MPI, CUDA