Global high-risk clone of extended-spectrum ?-lactamase (ESBL)-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae ST307 emerging in livestock in Peru

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Fuentes-Castillo D.
Shiva C.
Lincopan N.
Sano E.
Fontana H.
Streicker D.G.
Mahamat O.O.
Falcon N.
Godreuil S.
Benavides J.A.
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Elsevier B.V.
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Presents a letter about the global high-risk clone of extended-spectrum β-lactamase (ESBL)-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae ST307 emerging in livestock in Peru.
DGS and JAB were funded by a Sir Henry Dale Fellowship, jointly funded by the Wellcome Trust and Royal Society [Grant 102507/Z/13/Z]. DGS was funded by a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowship [217221/Z/19/Z]. CS, JAB, NF and DGS were also funded by a CONCYTEC-UK Embassy grant [No. 003-2016-FONDECYT]. JAB was funded by the National Fund for Scientific and Technological development of Chile [FONDECYT-Iniciación, grant number 11181017]. DF-C receives a doctoral fellowship from the National Agency for Research and Development (ANID) [process number BCH 72170436]. NL is a research fellow of CNPq [312249/2017-9].
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pneumoniae, livestock