Space Exploration of AlN Pedestal Waveguides for Phase Shifting Applications

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Jara F.
Rubio-Noriega R.E.
Alayo M.I.
Alvarado M.A.
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Aluminum nitride (AlN), which belongs to the family of the III-V semiconductors, is a material of great interest in the microelectronics industry due to its high decomposition temperature, good chemical stability, wide bandgap and CMOS compatibility. Moreover, AlN is known by its Pockels coe_cients, which makes it very suitable for various non-linear optical devices. In this work, a study of a design space exploration of fundamental mode polarization in an AlN pedestal waveguide is proposed. The current work performs a dispersion analysis of this type of waveguide by varying the dimensions of the core and the pedestal. Lastly, electrode design for phase shifting analysis is also proposed. The data obtained with the exhibited work will allow the device designer to have a design space with light polarization control to stimulate the adequate electro-optic coefficient, with potential applications in modulators, switches, multiplexers, phase shifters, among others. A feasibility study will also be provided © 2021 SPIE.
F. J., R.R., and M.A. acknowledge funding support from CONCYTEC-FONDECYT within the call E041-01 [contract number 015-2018-FONDECYT/BM].
Palabras clave
Phase shifter, Aln, Electro-optics, Pedestal waveguide