Incidencia del leasing financiero como instrumento de gestión en el crecimiento económico de las empresas de servicio de transporte en la Región Arequipa, año 2016-2017

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Huamani Millio, Jonathan Alex
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Universidad Nacional de San Agustín de Arequipa
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The business world is constantly involved in the impact of technological innovation that results in changes in the way they manage and reach the market, meeting the expectations of customers and investors; on the one hand, customers demand an improvement in the provision of a service or an improvement in the quality of the acquired good, and on the other hand, investors demand a certain level of profitability in the investments made so that the business can continue to operate in the market meeting the requirements described above by the customer.. The companies that provide the service of transportation of passengers of interprovincial scope constantly are in the search of the best alternative of financing to be able to improve its vehicle fleet because of this much will depend on to satisfy the exigencies of the clients and to obtain a growth in his income for the provision of this service, at the same time they are interested in that the source of financing used allows them to have a profit expressed as a profitability superior to that offered by other investment alternatives; to determine this profitability should use project evaluation indicators such as the Net Present Value which will allow to bring to present values the future flows that will yield the project at a discount rate according to its risk of each business sector and discounting the investment made .. In the search for the sources of financing to be used by the sector described above is the financial leasing offered by financial institutions with permission of the Superintendency of Banking and Insurance of Peru which is an instrument that allows companies to acquire an asset when at the time there is insufficient liquidity.. In agreement with the National University of San Agustín UNSA and CONCYTEC through the funding of undergraduate research projects is that the present research was completed.. Keywords: LEASING - TRANSPORT - GROWTH - SERVICES - UNSA - CIENCIACTIVA - CONCYTEC. vii.
A la Universidad Nacional de San Agustín UNSA en convenio con CONCYTEC por el financiamiento recibido para la realización de la presente investigación mediante contrato de subvención N° 167 – 2016 – UNSA, II convocatoria.
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Transporte, Leasing, Crecimiento, Servicios, Cienciactiva, Concytec