Estimación del Potencial Energético de Biomasa en la Región Piura disponible para Procesos de Digestión Anaerobia

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Saavedra García Zabaleta, Rafael
Marcelo, Daniel
Alamo Viera, Marcoantonio Víctor
Arrieta Palacios, Winston
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Latin American and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions
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Herein, we consider the potential of biomass that can generate activities associated with agriculture and livestock, except for the forestry potential, since Piura does not present a significant production in this sector. The most recent data provided by the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics and the Integrated System of Agricultural Statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation have been used. This allowed us to identify the areas with the highest biomass production (suitable for anaerobic digestion processes) in the department of Piura and estimate their energy potential under the conditions specified herein. This resulted in ~6800 m3 CH4/day or 248.2 GJ/day, which was able to become ~16.5 MWh per day of energy.
Palabras clave
Potencial, biomasa, digestión anaerobia, energía