Titanium Dioxide onto Polyethylene for Water Decontamination

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Flores-Cortez D.
Martin Ramirez Y.
Palomino-Yamamoto M.
Rojo-Mejia A.
Villalobos-Pacheco E.
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TiO2 aqueous suspensions under illumination of UV range (310-400 nm UV-A) have demonstrated a big potential for water decontamination and disinfection for human consume. Separation of TiO2 from the process is not easy. Supporting TiO2 to a proper substrate avoid the separation step after the photocatalytic treatment. This procedure results very interesting for the manufacturing of economic decontamination devices, which could be made with lightweight and flexible materials, bringing much versatility for the design of reactors for water decontamination. Based on those requirements, supporting TiO2 over polyethylene results ideal for that purposes due to its physicochemical properties, good transparency and low cost. In this work we evaluated different methods to support titanium dioxide nanoparticles onto polyethylene.
This work was partially supported by CONCYTEC (Peru) trough the project contract 169-2006-OAJ and ANPCyT (Argentina) PICT 33973. The authors are in debt with the reviewers for their useful suggestions to improve this paper.
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water decontamination