Simple synthesis of gold-decorated silica nanoparticles by in situ precipitation method with new plasmonic properties

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Félix L.L.
Porcel J.M.
Aragón F.F.H.
Pacheco-Salazar D.G.
Sousa M.H.
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Springer Nature
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We describe a simple method for the preparation of gold-decorated silica (SiO2) nanoparticles (NPs) by the in situ precipitation method using simple BH4? ions reduction as a procedure, where BH4? ions are adsorbed onto PEI-functionalized SiO2 NPs for stabilizing and reducing gold ions onto PEI-SiO2 surface in water under ambient conditions. The result was 3-nm gold nanoshell NPs attached to SiO2 core (~ 75 nm) with a surface plasmon resonance (SPR) at ~ 680 nm. SPR band is associated with Au NP aggregates that arise from strong interparticle interaction. This is an alternative to the gold-seeding methods and the use of anionic gold species for the obtention of gold-decorated SiO2 NPs with an important red-shift in UV–Vis absorption and with potential applications in biosensors and photothermal therapy.
Palabras clave
Red-shift, Decorated, Gold, PEI-coated silica, Plasmonic, Polyethyleneimine