Nuestras historias-designing a novel digital story intervention through participatory methods to improve maternal and child health in the Peruvian amazon

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Limaye N.P.
Rivas-Nieto A.C.
Carcamo C.P.
Blas M.M.
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Public Library of Science
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In rural areas of the Loreto region within the Peruvian Amazon, maternal mortality rate is above the national average and the majority of women deliver at home without care from a trained health care provider. To develop community-tailored videos that could be used for future interventions, we conducted Photovoice and digital storytelling workshops with community health workers (CHW) and mothers from 13 rural communities in the Parinari district.
Palabras clave
pregnancy outcome, child health, education program, educational status, female, health care delivery, health care personnel, health care survey, health program, human, male, maternal mortality, maternal welfare, medical photography, Peruvian