An homage to Peru’s bicentenary: Maxillaria bicentenaria (Orchidaceae), a new species previously misidentified as M. pyhalae

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Martel, Carlos
Egoavil Arroyo, Luis Enrique
Ocupa Horna, Luis
Tello Flores, Juan André
RizoPatrón Viale, Federico
Laura Contreras, César Raúl
León, Marco Antonio
Collantes, Benjamín
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Magnolia Press
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We propose the new species Maxillaria bicentenaria from the montane forest of central Peru and provide an amendment of the description of Maxillaria pyhalae. Maxillaria bicentenaria is similar to M. pyhalae but differs by the elliptic to sub-elliptic labellum, the labellum distal half irregularly plicate, the flattened and transversally sub-trapezoidal labellar callus, the campanulate to sub-campanulate protuberance at the labellum apex centre, and the conspicuous carina with a sharp edge towards the top of the anther. Illustrations, pictures, and a distribution map are provided for both Maxillaria species. The differential features of both species are presented and previous misidentified records are discussed. Finally, a comment on the author name of Maxillaria fletcheriana is also provided. Copyright © 2021 Magnolia Press.
We are grateful to everyone that helped us on our trips to Huancavelica and Pasco. Roxana Rojas kindly prepared the distribution map presented in Figure 3. We also thank the editor and two reviewers that helped to improve an earlier version of the manuscript. Delsy Trujillo kindly provided us with pictures of material gathered at MOL. This article has the Open Access option thanks to the support of José ‘Joe’ Koechlin (Inkaterra Association). CM thanks Mario Blanco for his comments on the authority of M. fletcheriana. The study was funded by the Fondo Nacional de Desarrollo Científico (CONVENIO Nº 126-2020-FONDECYT), through a research grant to CM.
Palabras clave
Sclerophyllous vegetation, Cloud forest, New species