A Rainwater Harvesting and Treatment System for Domestic Use and Human Consumption in Native Communities in Amazonas (NW Peru): Technical and Economic Validation

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Morales Rojas, Eli
Díaz Ortiz, Edwin Adolfo
Medina Tafur, Cesar Augusto
García Rosero, Ligia Magali
Oliva-Cruz, Manuel
Rojas Briceño, Nilton B.
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The inhabitants of Tunants and Yahuahua face water supply problems in terms of quantity and quality, leading to socio-environmental and health impacts in the areas. The objective of this research, therefore, is to determine the technical and economic feasibility of a proposal for a rainwater harvesting and treatment system for human consumption in the native communities. For the technical feasibility, monthly water demand per family was compared with the amount of water collected in the rainy and dry seasons. In addition, 16 physical, chemical, and microbiological parameters were evaluated at the inlet and outlet of the water system.
Palabras clave
Water supply, Environmental and health impacts, Rain