Determinación de la ductilidad y resistencia para muros de corte de concreto armado cuyas secciones transversales tienen formas L, I, T y C

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Quispe Choquemamani, Efrain Denys
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Universidad Nacional de San Agustín de Arequipa
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In this work, the behavior of the ductility and strength of reinforced concrete shearwalls of L, I, T and C shaped cross sections against lateral loads was evaluated. Basically the study has focused on studying the influence of the core confinement of the sections raised in the development of ductility and strength. Therefore, to obtain considerations of design of walls that allow to have a better seismic behavior. An analytical and experimental study has been carried out. In their analytical study, the nonlinear behavior was estimated to lateral load, making use of the behavioral models of the materials and theoretical tools. The analytical procedure was used to determine Moment - Curvature diagrams through the XTRACT program for each raised section, after that its ductile and resistant behavior of the shear walls proposed in relation to the designs of confinement in the cores was evaluated.For the experimental study, four specimens of reinforced concrete of L-shaped cross section were built in the reduced scale 1:4 with different confinement of cores for each wall, which were tested against monotonic lateral load to experimentally obtain their non-linear behavior. Based on the research results, recommendations were made for the design of walls of mentioned sections to develop a better ductile and resistant behavior to seismic events.
A CIENCIACTIVA-CONCYTEC-UNSA, que permitió que se tenga el financiamiento para realizar los ensayos experimentales que la tesis implica.
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Resistencia, Muros de concreto