An Integrated Model for Locating-Routing in the Goods Delivery and Simultaneous Pickup in the Urban Context

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Rodríguez Melquiades, José Antonio
Lujan Segura, Edwar
Gutiérrez Segura, Flabio Alfonso
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Springer Nature
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Bibliographic research on facilities location and vehicle routing shows interest in the academic community and contributes to the welfare in cities. In this sense a Mixed Integer linear new Programming model is presented to optimise cost by integrating location and routing. This process is about delivering and collecting goods and wastes at the same time in order to maintain urban sustainability. It also determines the consumption of the used fuel and measures the C02 generation in the routing. This model was implemented by GLPK which obtained results in small simulated scenarios. For sceneries between 21 and 25 customers, optimal solutions were not found in 7200 s despite the timeout.
Our gratitude to the Fondo Nacional de Desarrollo Científico, Tecnológico y de Innovación Tecnológica – FONDECYT.
Palabras clave
Vehicle routing, Urban sustainability, Location